WoD Beta: I Believe We Can Fly

So, I got into the beta, as part of the WoW veterans group. It’s about time that playing since before Sunwell got me somewhere.

It’s fun, really. My level 91 copied character got wiped in the last patch, so I’ve been piddling around with a premade 100 DK. I’m having tremendous fun riding around on mounts I’ll never, ever be cool/lucky/time travely enough to own on live. And looking for bugs, rigorously testing quests and dungeons, and other essential tasks, trust me. But this riveting info isn’t why I’m writing. I think I’ve stumbled onto something rather big.

Much has been made recently of flying in Draenor: will we ever be able to, if so, then when, etc. About a week ago, I was in Flight Form in Stormwind on the beta server, and after speaking to the giant Khadgar, I was ported to the ship event and put into humanoid form. I spoke to less-impressively-statured Khadgar, and the cinematic rolled, and I was deposited in Shadowmoon Valley–in Flight Form.

So I began flying. Screenshots or it didn’t happen, you say?

No problem.

WoWScrnShot_072114_213510 WoWScrnShot_072114_213523 WoWScrnShot_072114_213506I puttered around a bit, and then reported the flying as a bug. About five minutes later, there was a server restart. Probably coincidence, but still.

Now, this suggests that even if Blizz doesn’t allow flying, the capacity to do so is there. They’ve designed Draenor with the option to fly in mind, which is very heartening for those who love to fly and who spent all that money to get out there into the wild blue yonder and break the sound barrier. Not that I really care on way or t’other; being grounded doesn’t bother me, as it puts everyone on more equal footing when farming for ore and herbs or trying to complete quests.

Has anyone else seen this phenomenon? If so, let me know in the comments.