The First Rule of PvP Is…

Wow. It’s been almost exactly a month since my last post. I was helping for so much more from myself, but just like the few journals I kept in my youth, life got in the way. To misquote Lennon, life is what happens while you are too busy to blog about it.

On the second of January, I had my first surgical procedure since I was in my teens: all four wisdom teeth are now lost in the Twisting Nether. I’m still recovering, but my doctor was quite happy with the resulting head holes and how they are healing. Before that I was lost in the Nirvana that is the space between semesters. I grew quite accustomed to the lifestyle of the fictional pampered suburban housewife, filling my days with light housekeeping, TV, and leveling my rogue.

If you’ll remember back, I rolled a rogue for my experiment with PvP. This was back when the spec with the most PvP toys was Subtlety, so I went that route.

My first foray into PvP made me feel a bit tentative and uneasy, so I named my rogue after the most tentative, uneasy, weird character I have ever encountered: Mark Corrigan from Peep Show. This also gave me a chance to see the Worgen starting experience, which I must say was quite fun. I got a lot of good lore, and I also learned that Sylvanas be crazy, yo.

I leveled pretty much exclusively through BGs. Skill after skill, battle after battle, I began to understand more. Paladins are cockroaches; you stomp and stomp, and they just will not die. Frost mages are incredibly slippery. Shadow priests are not to be underestimated, for Mind Control is a nasty surprise.

At around level 40, Blackbear joined me in the BGs with his kittyheals druid, and along with our buddy Azque, we had tons of fun. We were determined to go into PvP just for kicks, never to be serious about ratings or having perfect coordination. Raiding is the serious crap; PvP for us is pure amusement and relaxation, hence the First Rule of PvP as outlined above by The Shins.

I learned that just like raids, people have yay and boo BGs as well. My fave would have to be AV. I just love the epic, sweeping feeling when that gate opens and 39 other people come riding down that snowy hill. A close second would be EotS. Such good memories–one time I actually Distracted a mounted Hordie right off a bridge as he rode by! I felt like a god for about five minutes.

My most hated BGs? Top of the list would be Strand. I’ve only been in one or two that weren’t a complete clusterfuck from the get-go, and I think one of those I zoned in on while it was in progress. Must’ve been a DC; I can’t imagine any Alliance leaving a winning Strand. Next are the two CTFs, Twin Peaks and WSG. Although I must admit, it is quite gratifying to get together in Vent and lock down the flag room. In one WSG, I had 8 flag returns, which did fill me with a great deal of pride, I must confess.

Reflexes began to develop, to the point that I had to stop myself from automatically jumping flagged Hordies out in the PvE world. Pretty soon I found that I have a real taste for Hordeflesh. But I must say that one of the best parts of PvP is the nerdragers.

The quality of nerdrage in BGs is simply superb. It’s like someone took all of the worst racists, adolescents and dickheads from Trade chat, put them in a jar, shook it to really piss them off, and then poured them into an arena with four flags to control. Hilarity doth ensue. To make things more fun, assholery is like bacon-flavored cotton candy to BB and me; we simply cannot pass it up. We do everything in our power to call out, bait, provoke, and beat the trolls at their own game. Our goal is for one of them to have a seizure and die at the keyboard. It’s important to give back to the online community, and controlling the nerdrager population is a noble calling.

I like the PvP world because it places emphasis on skills largely ignored in PvE play, and it redefines what it is to play one’s character well. For instance, raiding as a DPS, there is only one concern: looking at Recount or Skada and seeing your name at or near the top. All other concerns are secondary. When people post damage meters in BGs, it makes me laugh. How many healers did you CC? Did you provide cover for the guy trying to recapture the graveyard? Did you AoE the flag when the Horde attacked? Did you protect your healer?

Yeah, you’re top of the meters, but we still lost. I don’t think you were part of the solution…

That’s another nice thing about PvP: nobody can win or lose a BG alone. All it takes is one person moving the wrong way on Thaddeus or missing a click on Ultraxion, and it’s game over. BGs are a true team effort; if we lost, it’s everyone’s fault. I find this a particularly comforting thing, especially since raiding in Mogushan Vaults is so tank reliant. Stone Guard almost made me hang up my paws, and Elegon is proving to be quite a challenge, but that’s another post.

The final very cool thing about PvP is how quickly gear comes in. My rogue is my first toon in the expansion to have his 4-piece bonus, while my druid doesn’t even have LFR tier yet. That’s my fault for not doing LFR, but after a few weekends of it, especially as a tank, the luster fades fast.

So, I’m enjoying PvP a lot sooner in this expansion than I expected, but the familiar battleground maps and camaraderie with my guildmates is a welcome change from dailies, Sunsong Ranch, and raiding. I hope to see you out there in AV.

Unless you’re Horde. If I see you first, it’s far too late 😉